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Why Do People Need Jesus?

Not why would it be nice for people to have Jesus in their lives, but why do people need Him, desperately? As Christ followers, we have the greatest story in the history of eternity to share. One that will overshadow all others and make any other achievement pale in comparison!!

BUT… We must be able to communicate an answer to this question that is compelling, not just to ourselves, but to people who are unconvinced.

What is your story? Why do you need Jesus? What difference has Jesus made in your life? You may not have an expertly crafted, theological explanation, but you do have a story to share. When a blind man was healed in John 9:25, he didn’t have a deep theological response to who Jesus was. Instead, he responded with what he had personally experienced: “I don’t know whether he’s a sinner. Here’s what I do know: I was blind and now I see.”

Think about your story. Make notes about how you came to faith in Christ. What doubts and struggles still exist. Are you willing to share your story or not? What is your answer to why people need Jesus?