Sunday Services: 10:30 am | 201 Templeview Drive Beckley, WV 25801

Loads of Love is a unique opportunity to connect with our neighbors in non-threatening environment.  For those living near the poverty line, doing laundry can present a real financial burden many cannot meet. Yet in our society, clean clothes are an essential part of having a positive self-image most of us take for granted. Our purpose is to build relationships by providing a resource and sharing the love of Christ with people who may not feel comfortable coming to our facilities.

Jesus instructed his disciples to wash one another’s feet, and although Loads of Love isn’t quite there yet, it is helping local residents wash their socks — and their linen, shirts, trousers and everything in between. John Wesley is quoted as saying, “do all the good you can for all the people you can for as long as you can.” 

There are families who will never step foot into our church until you step into their world.


Jesus often meets us in the most unexpected moments of life, not just on Sunday mornings. So perhaps it is in a simple laundromat, among piles of dirty clothes, where Jesus will be found changing lives again! (see John 4)


It’s about more than clean clothes, it’s showing respect and offering friendship to people who need both. Once people see Jesus for who he really is, they’ll trust what he says about who they really are!

“Loving and Leading People to Jesus!”


We want to be the church where no one feels alone, forgotten or useless

We want to be the church that brings out the best in everyone!

We want to be the church that catalyzes life change!


Our Purpose

Loads of Love is about bringing people together. (Church + Crowd become Community)

Loads of Love is about experiencing Jesus in the ordinary moments of life. 

Providing a free laundry services is not the goal, but to provide an open door to larger community and a connection to Jesus.

Loads of Love is not something we “do to” or “for them,” it’s about living “with” others. 

Loads of Love is about spiritual formation. Stretching, learning and risking our comfort to share Jesus.

Loads of Love is not a project for ‘them’ but a spiritual awakening for all of us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loads of Love?

It is a program that assists those struggling financially by paying for their laundry. The program believes that through the neutral space of a laundromat, every guest and stranger can become a friend to whom we can share our hope in Jesus.

How often is the program offered?

Laundry Love happens once a month in our area 


Which laundromat is used?

Beckley Laundromat – TBD

We meet one Saturday of the month from 11:00 1:00 p.m. 


How does it work?

Volunteers with Laundry Love staff the laundromat during the hours of the program. The volunteers offer to pay for the laundry loads for patrons of the laundromat. Food and goodies are provided to make the event a bit of fun in the midst of a chore. Each Laundry Love event is publicized throughout Mineral Wells and South Parkersburg area so those who might need the service can participate.

Who sponsors the program?

A group at United Methodist Temple began the program. Volunteers from the church and from other local groups raise money and host each Laundry Love event. All are welcome to become a part of the team. All money donated pays for the loads of laundry and supplies.

How can I participate?

You can participate by donating –

  • detergent pods (pods are instead of powder for easy measurement and distribution)
  • dryer sheets
  • quarters or cash to pay for all those loads
  • Coffee and donuts, children’s snacks