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Feeding Our Local Kids

“Hunger is not a problem. It is an obscenity. How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Anne Frank

HUNGER HURTS! No child can learn, or thrive on an empty stomach. It is hard to understand how in a nation of such abundance there are still children that are hungry; it is even more difficult to ignore our responsibility as followers of Jesus, to help them whenever and wherever we can.  Hunger may not be new, but that doesn’t mean it is inevitable!. It is hard to imagine how children can learn and keep up with friends, develop self-confidence when they haven’t had a decent meal all weekend or worried when there next one will be.
At UM Temple we cannot and will not turn a blind eye to this need. We will not rest until every child has the best chance of success by providing the nutrition and support they need to succeed. We have partnered with Raleigh County School to create the FOLK program to provide supplemental meals for approximately 700 children. Through this program, eligible students get packs of food on weekends, holidays, breaks, and even when they are sick at home for an extended period of time. Join our team and “Let’s Fight Hunger!”