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Prayer Team

“When God determines to do a great work, He first sets his people to pray.” C. Spurgeon

    Prayer is not some magical incantation known only to a few, nor eloquent words spoken in an attempt to plead our case or convince God to giving us what we want. Prayer is not an act of desperation when all else fails. Prayer is the act by which the will of the Father and the will of the child embrace one another and find peace. Prayer begins in silence and stillness in a world that never stops talking. It sees the beauty, grace and hope before the light comes on. Prayer sits quietly in the Holiness of God when words just get in the way, and is filled with unimaginable peace that silences our fears and accepting His wisdom. The essence of Prayer is found in God’s perspective that trust His heart despite our emotions and doubts.  Sometimes our prayers are spoken, sometimes sung, and sometime simply sitting quietly reflecting on God’s grandeur. 

Our Prayer Team is dedicated to offering prayers daily and leading the church in various forms of personal prayer. Prayer is not our last option in a crisis or our spare tire just in case, but a daily need to connect to God. We value prayer that is personal, authentic and liberating.

   Everyone can pray and everyone can find God among the noise and confusion. Sometimes prayer happens while washing dishes or mowing the grass. Whenever our heart and spirit are anxious or ache for something beyond, we’re being called to prayer. 

 The Power and Purpose of Prayer

We believe that prayer brings the Power of God to bear on the situations that touch our hearts and move our spirits. To this end, we are passionate about seeing the supernatural power of God unleashed in the lives of individuals, our church, the community and ultimately, our world.  We live in the shadow of the Cross of Christ where God’s love and commitment were finally settled and on full display, and so we are confident that God hears us and will do what is best for us in view of eternity.  

We want to pray for you

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