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Our Membership Vows

Our understanding of what it means to be a Christian is deeply rooted in our Methodist heritage. John Wesley understood the Christian life to be an apprenticeship with Jesus rather than a Sunday experience or a one-time decision. Being an apprentice means imitating how Jesus would have acted in any of the day-to-day situations or conversations we face — at home, at work, at church. There is now no difference between “secular” and “sacred” areas of your life; Jesus’ influence goes beyond Sunday mornings.

Unfortunately, over the years the word ‘church’ has become synonymous with bricks and mortar, a Sunday routine, or a social gathering. For United Methodists, however, church is an incubator for spiritual transformation. Discipleship is an irresistible desire to sit with Jesus and absorb His wisdom, imitate his life, and share his story. It alone avoids the hypocrisy condemned in Isaiah 29:13. It fulfills the vows we make at baptism, confronts sin, practices spiritual disciplines and build community.

“No vital Christianity is possible unless at least three aspects of it are developed. These are the inner life of devotion, the outer life of service, and the intellectual life of rationality.” E Trueblood

If you are interested in joining the community at United Methodist Temple and are willing to fully particiipate in the life of the church with your Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service and Witness, please contact us and we will set up a meeting and celebrate your decision. Click here!