Sunday Services: 10:30 am | 201 Templeview Drive Beckley, WV 25801

Family Milestone Ministry

TANDEM is defined as “a group of two people or things that work together or are associated with each other.” At UMT, we want to remind parents that they are the primary faith influencers for their children, and through our Family Faith Milestone ministry we strive to equip with parents with all the tools and resources they need to lead their children as they grow in faith. Our staff and volunteers work in tandem with the parents as we offer discipleship classes and ministries for children and youth throughout the week. We also offer the following classes in an effor to equip families for fostering spiritual growth at each phase of development:

Baby Blessing/Baptism

As you celebrate the growth of you family we encourage you to attend one of “Baby Blessing” classes offered 3 times each year. You’ll be given resources to use as you nuruture your little one in the first steps of his or her spiritual development, and you can choose to be part of a Service of Thanksgiving or Service of Infant Baptism as you commit to raise your child in faith.

Child Baptism

As your child grows in faith, he or she may begin to ask questions about baptism as they begin to more fully grasp what it means to be a follower of Jesus. These classes offered 3 times each year will help you as parents determine whether or not your child is ready for baptism and will equip you with resources that you can use at home to help your child continue to grow spiritually during this exciting milestone of faith

First Bible

Students who are entereing 2nd grade or above are invited to attend a class with their parents as we explore the importance of God’s word. Each family will be given resources to use as they make a plan as a family for studying the Bible together. Students who complete the class will be presented with their very own NIV Adventure Bible during our anual Promotion Commotion celebration each August. Classes take places in June and July.

Bridge (Confirmation)

This milestone is designed for parents and kids who are in 5th grade or older. Learn some strategies for helping your tween or teen as they cross the “bridge” from childhood to adulthood both spiritually and physically. During this session your tween/teen will have the opportunity to sign up for additional classes which will take place each Sunday through a period of 10 weeks. These additional classes will focus on the spiritual bridge they will each choose to cross as they take a more active role in the community of faith. This process is known as Confirmation. Classes take place March -May each year, and Confirmation is celebrated at our June Summit Service!

High School Graduation

Between the ages of 16 and 18, parents must help their students develop the practical and spiritual skills to leave home. Our seminar teaches parents how to prepare their students for the world outside of the nest. This can be a very healthy time in the family journey if parents continue to keep the lines of communication open with their students. Issues such as basic apologetics, courtship and marriage, determining the will of God, life skills for living away from home, and other biblical issues will be explored both in family devotions and on the church campus. We teach parents to write out a spiritual blessing for their child to be presented at the Senior Summit just before graduation. These important years of discipleship are our last chance to shape the faith of our children before they are on their own.