Sunday Services: 10:30 am | 201 Templeview Drive Beckley, WV 25801

Mission & Purpose

Our Mission is to provide a safe, stimulating, and structured environment for children ages 6 months to 5 years to grow and explore their expanding world with confidence. Our mission is to provide a structured educational experience, promoting social, emotional, physical, spiritual and cognitive development. We work hard to give parents confidence and peace of mind they deserve, striving to be a shining example of what a quality child care center should be.


Our Vision is to be the premier child care facility in the Raleigh County area by providing a home for your kids away from home. It’s kind of like home childcare –  but outside your house.

Our Child Care center is an extension ministry of United Methodist Temple. We are fully licensed by the State of West Virginia and exceed all the safety and training standards established by WV Health and Human Services and the State Licensing Board.

Program Overview

   Every child is special, every child is a gift from God, and every child has an amazing future ahead. Our goal is to provide a loving, nurturing home-like environment that encourages learning, social development and emotional and spiritual growth. Our staff ensures each child receives a healthy diet, structured play time and personalized attention.    We know all parents want the very best of everything for their children, and so do we. We partner with time-crunched parents to provide a home away from home environment that gives peace of mind, and the best start possible for your child. It’s kind of like home childcare with family, but outside your house!

Our Dedicated Team

  Our child care facilities provides a professional yet nurturing home away from home environment where your child feel safe and learn to interact with others  and comfortable. Our staff are screened and trained to provide exceptional care for your child each and every day.

Skills All Classes Provide


We will share our love for God with each child through Bible stories, prayer time and Christian based activities. Activities include thanking God for His may blessings, learning about the wonder of God’s creations and emphasizing how God is always with us. We nourish and encourage the conversation of God and His role in our daily lives.

Fine Motor Skills

Some ways we help your child develop their fine motor skills are by using scissors, painting techniques, puzzles, blocks, markers/crayons and play dough.

Large Motor Skills

Our child care facility has a gymnasium where each class has a gym time once a week. Many different techniques are used to encourage exercise. We have structured and unstructured playtime organized games, run, skip, jump, use the parachute and other age appropriate movement skills.



Our two year old program is a great way to prepare your child for preschool and begin their foundation for learning. Our goal is to prepare your child for future academic, spiritual, emotional and social success.  For many children, this is their first school experience and we want to make it as happy and positive as possible.  In this class our focus is on learning social skills, sharing, both fine and gross motor skills and color and shape recognition all while having fun playing!  Physical activity is another huge part of our day as it is important to the development of your child’s muscle growth and balance.


Children in our threes classes are learning independence and cooperation while discovering play-based academics. The focus is to teach your child how a classroom operates and how to be independent listeners. Teaching you child when to listen, how to transition from one situation to another and feeling confident about raising their hand to answer a question are all skills that will build self esteem. During the circle time, children are sharing, listening and participating with others. For 3 year olds, we focus on understanding and respecting personal space. Teachers encourage students to use their words to work out problems. The children will learn colors, shapes, numbers, counting and recognition of names/letters. Many different teaching techniques are used to keep your child interested and moving all day long.


The fours curriculum provides a smooth transition from skills learned in the 3 year old classroom to meet the more complex needs of the 4 year olds. This class prepares your child for kindergarten. Children in our four year old class are continuing to develop and awareness of numbers and acquire ideas about size, patterning, one-to one correspondence and number recognition from 1 to 10.

Letter recognition and phonetic awareness are skills that begin to develop in the 4 year old program. We help them discover the purpose of the alphabet to prepare them for when the child learns to read. A four year old has a more developed attention span and can listen and create their own stories with less guidance. We try to help them use their imaginations to create artwork that has a story to tell.

Children build confidence with their ability to follow routines independently and know what is expected of them. Self-management skills are encouraged at this age. It is important that each child create their own projects and do their own work without constant reminders to stay on task. Fours are also beginning to solve their own problems about sharing and difference in opinions. Teachers use encouragement and modeling to enforce these budding skills.


This class is our pre-k class. This class is offered for those who turn 5 by December 31st or for students who have completed a 4’s class and want a bit more time before moving into kindergarten. Kindergarten readiness is our main focus in this class. In the 5’s, we go beyond our 4’s curriculum. Each child builds self confidence by practicing their fine motor skills and expanding their own capabilities.

Preschool Forms