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Kids at Temple

because there are no ordinary kids.

Our Goal

   Our goal is to help time-crunched families experience God’s Word in a fun, surprising and creative manner, in a way that is easy and enjoyable for both the children and the parents to relate, and to ignite in them a hunger that leads them to dig in, crawl inside, explore, and live out God’s adventure in everyday life.

Our Learning Style

   Children only remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they see, and 30% of what they hear and see. They are concrete learners, which means they retain 80 to 90% of what they do, touch, smell, taste, and help teach. Therefore, these activities are packed with a learning style that will help them to:

Find it. Taste it. Touch it. Make it.

Know it. Grow it. See it. Show it.

Live it!

Our Vision

If a child leaves knowing Jesus loves them, 

because you’ve loved them, You’re doing something right!

Biblical Foundation

    The following resources as well as others on the left-hand menu have been created to help the parents in your church begin or continue to lead the family as God designed:

    When you sit…Family Devotions are weekly, family-fun, easy-to-lead, action-packed discussion times .

    When you walk…Travel Talks are a great way to make the most of your car-time. Using humor, ventriloquism, and important Bible passages, each contains multiple short-segments that ends with a family discussion question. 

    When you lie down…Bedtime Stories. We also want to encourage you to say “The Lord’s Prayer,” or another Scripture passage that your family has decided to memorize, and to pray together as a family as a part of your pattern of putting the kids to bed.

    At Temple we partner with time-crunched parents to provide the resources, tips and tools and environment for the spiritual, emotional and social development of their children in an increasingly distracted world.

Connecting Parents & Children with Jesus in
an increasingly Distracted, Divided & Disconnected World