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What Motivates You?

God is more interersted in your motivation that jumping through hoops, keeping the rules or showing up. So What’s your motivation

The Faith of Adventure

When God called Abram it was to the greatest Adventure of his life. For far too many, Church and Christianity, have been nothing more than Sunday morning ritual that can do without. How can we recapture the Adventurous Spirit of the early Church

Why Church Matters

We value relationships that bring out the best in us. We provide a safe place to heal, grow and create healthier relationships that encourage spiritual growth.

Why God Matters

Is God merely a convenience in your life, a take it or leave it belief system on par with justice and liberty for all? Or is God an essential, the final arbiter of all that is good, noble and right? Why do people of all generations, all nations, and all races need God? Do you know?
Based on Ecclesiastes 1:1-14
May 21, 2023
Rev. Dr. Steve Gedon
United Methodist Temple

A Rather Rude Awakening

Based on the Transformation of the Jailer in Acts 16. Easter is more than just a day on the calendar. It is the day the universe Changed.
Presented at United Methodist Temple (
April 16, 2023

40th Anniversary Reflections

Reflection and Stories from the Pastoral Team at United Methodist Temple on the celebration of the 40th Anniversary at their new location at 201 Templeview Drive, Beckley, WV , Presented May 7. 2023

40th Anniversary Reflections

Stories and Reflections from Members of United Methodist Temple on their 40th Anniversary at the new location on 201 Templeview Drive, Beckley, WV. Presented on May 7, 2023

Mission Impact: House of the Carpenter

Impact Ministries are those programs and outreach events that are designed to create community, restore human dignity, rekindle faith in Christ and ignite a passion for life.
House of the Carpenter in Wheeling, WV is an Impact Ministry supported and financed by UM Temple.