Sunday Services: 10:30 am | 201 Templeview Drive Beckley, WV 25801

What if Church was about more than Sunday morning and faith meant more than just showing up? What if faith energized each day and whispered each morning, “Come on, you’ve got this!” What if ordinary conversations and experiences were suddenly filled with clues to a bigger story and deeper meaning. Then Sunday morning would become a special, even sacred time to share this wild adventure we with fellow travellers, explorers and trailblazers.

Church after all isn’t just about where you attend, it’s about who you become. It is an open door to a much bigger story. So, if you believe you were made for more, ready to live less out of habit and more out of intent and turn every day into a spiritual adventure, then “Welcome! You’ve come to the right place.”

Our Goal is to not just believe in Jesus, but to believe like Jesus, so we will do what Jesus did for the reasons Jesus did them.

Steve Gedon