Sunday Services: 10:30 am | 201 Templeview Drive Beckley, WV 25801

     In 2022, United Methodist Temple adopted a new design to express our faith in Christ, growing optimism and desire to begin a new chapter in our history. This design reflects our distinctive Wesleyan heritage, our unwavering solidarity and connection, and our desire to be a leading advocate in a world community with love and hope we have in Christ. 

The design expresses three essential Core Values.

(1) We are MADE FOR MORE. The overall shape of the design is upward, intentional and inspirational. As disciples, we live as Easter People in a Good Friday world. This means we do not allow temporary circumstance, setbacks or conflict to derail us or determine our attitude or actions. We refuse to give in to the negativity, settle for mediocrity or retreat into the past. Our mission is to reveal Jesus, in all that we say and do, for a new generation!

(2) We are METHODISTS. The Gothic arch is a reminder of our proud Wesleyan Heritage of grace, These values are timeless and essential to our spiritual formation in every generation. John Wesley described the power of GRACE that motivates us, insisted on the means of Grace that SHAPE us, and express the SERVICE of Grace in all we say and do. These roots run deep in us, guiding us in these turbulent times, shaping who we are and what we do. Our goal is to not just believe in Jesus, but to believe like Jesus, so that we will do what Jesus did for the reasons Jesus did them.

“A congregation is Christian to the degree that it is confronted by and attempts to form its life in response to the Word of God.” William Willimon

(3) We are UNITED. The Cross, a symbol of suffering and sacrifice, is ultimately a symbol of Christ’s unfailing love and redemption.  It is God’s most profound example of love.  The Cross is created out of four unique pieces, each joined in such a way as to create this symbol of life, love and unity. Each piece takes on greater importance when it takes it’s place as part of the whole. It surrenders itself, its time, talents and treasure, to receive and express the power and purpose of Easter. The colors express the Hope of Christ (burnt orange) and the role of Servant Leadership (royal blue, Mark 10:45)  (note: this new design in no way infers a break with The United Methodist Church. We affirm and celebrate our Wesleyan heritage)