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Beyond Sunday Morning

What if church was about more than just a building or a Sunday morning routine and faith meant more than just showing up? What if your faith actually energized each day and whispered each morning, “Come on, you’ve got this!” What if ordinary conversations and experiences were clues to a bigger story unfolding each day. Then Sunday morning would become a sacred time of reorienting, restoring and renewing our commitment to this wild adventure we call life.  

Church after all isn’t just about where you attend, it’s about who you become. It is an open door to a much bigger story. So, if you believe you were made for more, ready to live less out of habit and more out of intent and turn every day into a spiritual adventure, then “Welcome! You’ve come to the right place.”

WE ARE… United Methodist Temple!


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Easter People Living in a Good Friday World!

     Temple was founded on the Wesleyan belief that Easter is changing everything. We do not look at people or problems and only see what they are (or are not), we see what they can become. We judge our circumstances in light of Jesus’ love displayed on the Cross, never Jesus’ love by our circumstances. This means we choose to live less out of habit and more out of intent. The more consistently we walk with Jesus, the more his life becomes our life.

Our purpose is not just believe in Jesus, but to believe like Jesus, so that we will do what Jesus did for the reasons Jesus did them.

     United Methodist Temple has a rich history of Christian witness in the Beckley community for over 150 years.  Through times of war and peace, feast and famine, Temple has been rooted in Christ, a open door for the weary and a leading advocate for those without a voice. Today our message is carried worldwide, touching more lives and inspiring a new generation of spiritual leaders. We invite you to join the team and experience the difference for yourself!

   Our PURPOSE is to live a better life by following Jesus’ footsteps beyond Sunday into every day encounters and conversations.  Each week we share our personal highs and lows, dig into solid Scriptural wisdom and participate in hands-on ministry programs to unite and inspire rather than divide or tear down. We are Easter People, living in a good Friday World.

We’ve designed these pages to help you prepare for your FIRST VISIT to the Temple Campus so you’ll know exactly what to expect, what to look for and how to have a great first experience. Our First Impressions team will be on the look out so your first visit won’t be your last!

On a typical Sunday morning you’ll find all kinds of people at different places in their faith journey. Chances are you’ll find many other newcomers just like you finding their way around. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to make your first visit as stress free as possible. So whether you’re new to church and faith, or a longtime Jesus-follower, you will be loved, welcomed and treated as the honored guest you are!

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   We know from personal experience that one of the most important steps you can take to strengthen your faith is to serve and contribute. When we serve, we take our faith to a whole new level of practical expression. Check out all the opportunities available at Temple to join others in sharing Christ with a smile and a warm heart! 

United Methodist Temple

United Methodist Temple
201 Templeview Drive
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